Shopping with kiddos…

Little Boy G and I went grocery shopping today. He was running around the bakery section like a crazy man. I warned him that he was going to get hurt. Did he listen? Nah. Finally, near the cookie section he came to me, hand on head, squinting at the pain. What happened? I asked. I dunno, he said. Something hit me in the head. I moved his hand and saw that something, indeed, hit him in the head. It was starting to get red. I said, Okay, let’s go over to the cheese section right here and get some cold cheese that we can put on it. I found a bag of shredded Romano and told him to hold it on his head. He was in the cart by then and I went to reach for a loaf of French bread when he pulled the cheese off his head. I said, G, you should hold it on so it doesn’t swell. He grimaced and said, I kid you not, But it’s so undignified

I looked over to where he was looking and spotted two attractive young girls. I had to laugh. Who wouldn’t? I mean, he’s four years old. Nothing he could do would be undignified. He gets these things from Thomas Tank Engine, you see. For instance, he tells me on occasion not to be cross. You know, angry. And sometimes he announces that he’s very disappointed in me. I don’t talk like that, but Thomas does. I guess it could be worse. In fact, it’s kind of entertaining. 

Once, we were in the produce section and he saw a young Muslim woman in full garb. With a big smile he said, look mama! and nodded over to the young woman. I was about to tell him that the young lady was from the Islamic culture and that they wear robes and head scarves, but he cut me off and said in a high pitched voice, “Not without my daughter!” (See the movie with Sally Field with that title if you don’t get it.) I laughed all the way home. 

Sally Field

The kid cracks me up. Anyway, I’ve been tagged by one of my favorite bloggers (she has seven kids. SEVEN) at: The rules: Write a six word memoir, post it to your blog with a visual illustration (if you would like), link to the person who tagged you. Tag 5 more blogs with links. Leave a comment in the tagged links with an invitation to play.

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That’s all I have. Have a great weekend!