Another Reason to Love Target

I was shopping at my favorite store the other day and to my delighted surprise, I saw Tim Tams in the cookie section. If you’re not familiar, Tim Tams are a product of Australia and are even called Australia’s favorite cookie. 

A Tim Tam is composed of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate.

According to its maker, Arnott’s, around 35 million packs are sold each year – nearly 400 million biscuits, an average of approximately 1.7 packs per Australian and 2.5 packs per New Caledonian. Tim Tams were first put onto the market in 1964. They were named by Ross Arnott, who attended the 1958 Kentucky Derby and decided that the name of the winning horse Tim Tam was perfect for a planned new line of biscuits.

Tim Tams are great with coffee and the Australians even have their own ritual when eating them. The Tim Tam Slam is the practice of drinking coffee by sucking it through a Tim Tam  with both of the ends bitten off.

The Tim Tams here are made by Pepperidge Farm and are sold exclusively at Target. They come in original, chocolate cream, and caramel. In a word? Delicious. Give them a try.


Tip: Did you know?

(Also known as: Too much time on my hands)…Enjoy and pass on to your kids at dinner time…

Peanut butter was invented by St. Louis physician Ambrose Straub, who, concerned about the nutrition of his elderly, toothless patients, concocted a health-food product that was high in protein and easily digestible.

Celery has negative calories.  It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it to begin with.

The original filling in Twinkies was banana.  It was replaced by vanilla-flavored cream during World War II, when the United States experienced a banana shortage.

Honey is believed to be the only food that does not spoil.  Honey found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs has been tasted by archaeologists and found to still be edible.

Popcorn has been a food product for over 6,000 years.

A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continually from the bottom of the glass to the top.

The flavor we think of as bubblegum is a combination of wintergreen, vanilla and cassia, a form of cinnamon.

Cheese closes the stomach and should always be served at the end of a meal.

Pineapples are classified as berries.

Chopsticks are called “o-hashi” in Japan and “kwai-tse” in China.

When potatoes were first introduced to Europe, people were skeptical and only ate the leaves, which made them sick. They would then throw away the rest, including the actual spud.

A hard-boiled egg will spin.  An uncooked or soft-boiled egg will not.

Cheese is the oldest of all man-made foods.

Tip: Stale Buns? Make Croutons!

In a small family like ours (3, hopefully to be 4), we often find ourselves with leftover hamburger and hot dog buns. Generally, we end up having to toss them. Over the weekend, I decided I wanted a salad for lunch and I had a craving for croutons, which I didn’t have. I eyed the hamburger buns on the counter and thought, why not? They’ve got great crust, they’re old, and likely to get older. So I did it–I turned them into croutons. And it was great. Even Little Boy  G remarked, “Someone’s making pizza!” He ate several of them when it was all said and done. Here’s the simple recipe:


*Hamburger or hot dog buns

* Olive Oil

*Italian spices (Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, etc.)

*Romano, Parmesan cheese 



Cut the buns, crust side up, into crouton (bite size) pieces. Place them into a large bowl. Drizzle olive oil over the bread for a good coating. Mix well with your hands, ensuring that each piece has a good coating of olive oil

Add a liberal amount of the spices and cheese. Don’t be shy–this is what will give the croutons their taste. Sprinkle with salt.

Bake in a 425F oven (I use the toaster oven–less energy is used and you don’t have to preheat) until toasty brown.

They’re great for soups and salads—Enjoy!


Tip: Give them a Choice

When trying to get Little Boy G to eat, sometimes I know in advance that I will have to resort to giving him a choice. As a parent, never underestimate the power of choice with your child. This goes for just about anything: what they are going to wear to school; which toys they want to pick up first; what coat they’re going to wear; etc.

Life is very hard for little kids–especially the three and four year olds who realize they now have the power to choose, but are more often told what they’re going to eat, when they’re going to eat it, and that they better like it or they’re going to go hungry. That tactic just doesn’t work and it’s not really fair. 

Understand that kids’ taste buds are no where close to adults’ when it comes to sophistication. You have to gradually ease them into the world of adult foods. It takes years. Until then, offer them a choice for dinner and see what happens. “Tonight, do you want spaghetti and green beans? Or Meat loaf and peas?” You’ll be surprised at their answer and they’ll be more inclined to eat since they played a part in the choice.

Give your kids a break and give them a choice. You’ll both be happier for it.


Happy Kids
Happy Kids

Tip: How NOT to get your kid to sleep…

I couldn’t get Little Boy G to go to sleep last night. I asked him what he was thinking about. He said, “Girls.” I said, “Any girl in particular? All the girls in your class? Or all the girls in the world?”

He smiled and said, “All the girls in the world.”

I said, “Well, you know what you can do? If you think about girls as you fall asleep, you’ll probably dream about them.”

“Really?” he said.

“Yes. Would you like to give it a try?”

He nodded, “Oh yes.”

So he closes his eyes and falls asleep. A few hours later he wakes up screaming and crying. Looks like I was right 🙂


Does it really all start at this age? Right now? He’s only 4! Seriously? I can tell, we’re going to have our hands full with him….

Tip: You DO have Power…

Does your child only want one thing to eat and one thing only? While you might think that’s a bad thing, you can actually take a lot of control over the situation when that happens.

Here’s what you do. For dinner one night, make your child something to eat other than what he normally has. Have the favorite prepared, too, but keep that aside for the moment.

Sit down at the table and present your child with the new dish. He will protest, to be sure. Tell your child to take one bite, and then, and only then, can he have his favorite.

The child will fuss and refuse and cross his/her arms, but eventually, he will give in. After all, it’s only one bite–a No Thank You Bite–if you will. If the child doesn’t give in, try placing the favorite dish on the table with you, and convince the child that one bite isn’t going to harm him. He will very likely give in, when he sees his old standby waiting for him.

Do this for several nights in a row. Eventually, your child will not mind trying new things. Insist that he take a No Thank You Bite from everything that you offer him.

Give it a try. You won’t regret it and neither will your child. Good Luck!

Tip: Chopsticks…

Having trouble getting your little one to eat? Give them a pair of chopsticks and see what happens. You’ll have to use them, too, to get the ball rolling. But trust me, with chopsticks in hand, they are MUCH more likely to eat what’s in front of them.chopsticks