A note about my whereabouts

A very bad blogger, indeed, I am.

I know. And I really wish I could say that what I’ve been doing since my last post (April, I think?) is spending all sorts of quality time with my two boys, and THAT’S why I haven’t blogged. But I don’t want to lie. Not today, anyway.

While it’s true that I’ve been spending lots of QT with the boys, work permitting, what I’ve really been doing is finishing up my manuscript. NOT EASY. Writing was much easier than revising. Seriously. Anyway, I’ve started a new blog–jkinkade@wordpress.com, that will follow my humorous attempts to get a literary agent to represent my masterpiece, a novel I’m calling THE ZERO LINE. But I digress…

So, Alex/Bao is doing great. No surprises there. Things we’ve learned about him:

-He loves roller coasters, but wishes they were faster. And bumpier.
-He loves pizza. And says so. Non-stop.
-He loves “girly” cartoons (Cinderella, etc.) and girly toys.
-He loves girls.
-He loves Spongebob.
-He is afraid of nothing.
-He loves being a big brother.
-He loves ice skating.
-I’m starting to think he loves everything (except anchovies and wasabi peas).

His favorite and most uttered comments:

I’m telling mom.
I love pizza!
Thank you, mom.
I don’t know.
Stop it, G!
Ow, G!
I’m telling mom.

Alex starts first grade in September. He and G will be going to a new school, and G will be in kindergarten. Kind of exciting for everyone involved, I think. I hope Alex does well, but we’re kind of having concerns about his speech. And he can’t, for the life of him, learn his colors. It’s weird, like he just doesn’t get the concept of colors. Yeah, I had him tested for colorblindness-came back negatory. Numbers arene’t all that better for him. He has a really hard time memorizing them. Everything else is good though, like letters and shapes. He’s a very quick learner–I taught him to tie his shoes in one lesson, for instance. But, I don’t know. A teacher might know better. We’ll see. Not too worried right now.

Ugh. So how has everyone else been?? I’ve missed reading your blogs, and stop by when I get a free moment (not often) to read up on what you all have been doing. Glad to see you’re all still at it.





*At Hue’s Citadel. Brothers.

*Where else would you watch a movie at 4 AM?

*At the G&R ceremony–don’t we look pleased? Every time I tried to pull G off the table, he would scream. Nice.



Wide Awake

So it’s just after midnight here and I’m wide awake. Not sure if it’s jet lag or the fact that we’ll be meeting Bao tomorrow morning. Probably a little of both. We were all fine yesterday throughout the day until about 6:30 PM when G fell out. He was really animated before that, like a light bulb that gets brighter right before it burns out. We were on our way to dinner when it happend. So, we ate at the restaraunt downstairs rather than lugging around 36Lb bag of sugar. (

Hubby and I fell out just after 8 PM. I got up just after 11:00.

Oops, G just joined me!) More later…

Back! They have the cartoon network here, which is what we’re watching right now while I finish up this post. I have some pictures below, but will try to add more later. (These are in reverse order…sorry!) (Oh, and dad just joined us. Funny 🙂

Pho for Breakfast

Pho for Breakfast


In Seoul

In Seoul

Reviewing the safety precautions

Reviewing the safety precautions


Lunch on KAL: dscf16481

Getting Closer…

I’m home with a “sick” little boy today. Quotes because I’m not really sure if he’s sick or not. I decided to trust my instincts though and stayed home with him. It at least allows me to finish packing for the big trip.

So tomorrow we go to Dulles and get a hotel (didn’t feel like commuting the morning of the flight and risking the notorious traffic jams in the DC area.)

On Thursday, we fly out at about noon and head straight for Seoul. After that breezy little 15 hour jaunt, we take a quick five hour flight to Hanoi. So, by Friday noon for you, we’ll landing. 

We have a G&R scheduled for Tuesday, the 13th, but we get to meet sweet little Bao on the Monday prior at about 8:30 in the morning. Then we got to lunch (without him) and cruise the Perfume River, and then go back to our hotel. I wish he could come with us that first day, but maybe it’s for the best–for him anyway. You know, meeting us and then leaving right away might be kind of weird for him. 

I hope he’s as excited as we are. I smile just thinking about it.

I’ll do my best to post and will likely be able to, at the very least, post text. We’ll hope for pictures, too.

I think I might be bringing too much stuff for the little ones at the orphanage. I have a huge black bag filled with toys and chocolate. My husband is going to squawk, I just know. But there are so many kids who will be left behind and I didn’t want to leave any out, you understand. You’d do the same, right? 

Anyway. Maybe he won’t notice the extra 50 lbs. 

Please pray with me that everyone is healthy for the flight. That’s all I’m asking for these days. 🙂

Almost there…

Wow, it’s been so long since I posted. Sorry. Busy busy busy!

The Party. Our yearly Christmas party was fantastic and I am so glad that we were able to see everyone before we got the big news on the 23rd. We’ve been having the same wonderful people, and every year some new folks too, come over for six years in a row now. We are so blessed to have these folks as friends. 

More tears fell at this party then at any other, however. From Meg falling up our very unforgiving slate stairs, to Alex having a corner of a chair run into her eyes, to Meg courting (and marrying) disaster by balancing a cup of Sprite on her head while running up the stairs.  And then, to Meg’s mom mistakenly asking the proverbial question: If you spill a Cosmopolitan on a white shirt, will it ever come out? Let’s just say the night was both blessed and eventful and filled with stories that will be retold for years to come. Sorry Meg, Alex, and Andrea. 🙂

But the best thing that happened at the party is that our friend Marvin showed up this year. When he didn’t show up last year we didn’t know why until later. He had had a massive seizure and drove his car into a 40 foot ravine. Miraculously, he survived. But he found out later that he had a very rare brain tumor. An oligodendroglioma. See his website on my blogroll, The Power of Survivorship. He’s an amazing man, a wonderful father, and a lifelong friend to many. May God continue to bless us with his presence. 

Adoption. So, anyway, in adoption news, our visas are on the way. My bags are pretty much packed. I think I’ve done everything I need to do before we get on the plane ride of our lives. I’m trying to imagine how long 15 hours on a plane is.  At least I’ll get to see some movies though. I haven’t seen a movie in a really long time. It’ll be nice. The time will fly. I’m sure.

New Years Eve. Tomorrow we go to our friends house for our yearly New Years Eve celebration. We rarely stay up until midnight ever since we had kids (okay, I never did, even before kids), but it’s still fun amazing. Here’s to 2008–a pretty good year. And here’s to 2009. May it only get better. For all of us.

Happy New Year!

A Perfect 10

The number 10 has been floating around in my mind now since at least November. When December 10th came and went, I though, hmm, okay. It was a fluke. 10 was no big deal. Or maybe it would be. Time would tell.

So today, when hubby (Poopsie) called me and said that we need to be in Vietnam by 10 January, I said, “Ah….January. Of course.” 🙂

So, we will fly out on 8 January and will stay at the Somerset Grand at prices that do not, sadly, reflect the low season. But never mind that. In two weeks, we’ll be meeting sweet little Bao.

Could I be happier? Nah.

Now where are my suitcases…..???


Evidently, we need to get approval from Hue, before we get our G&R date. Didn’t know that! Our agency says it could take two weeks. Either way, we’re going to see if we can go ahead and make our travel plans anyway…since Tet is coming up, we want to make sure we have a hotel room and seats on a flight.

Thanks everyone for the support! SueCQ, we might see you there yet! 

Sorry for the short posts–there is just no time these days to wax prolific. To some of you, that might be a welcome change!


We got approval from USCIS this morning! I’m hoping for a 1 January travel date, but it could be sooner. Oh my goodness. OH MY GOODNESS!!! He’s COMING HOME!!! Bao is finally coming home.

Now we just need a Giving and Receiving ceremony date and our airline tickets. I should clean the house. Let him think that the house is usually clean, of course, when he gets here.

I’m shaking. WOW!!!

Adoption Status

Okay, well, the DNA arrived in HCMC on Monday morning. We received an email from HCMC last night saying that they received it and that if they make a decision, they will be contacting us again. “IF” they make a decision? Okay. Whatever. I’ll presume that was just a bad choice of words and that what they REALLY meant to say was “WHEN” they make a decision.

My guess? Any day now we should hear word. We are considering traveling on Christmas day, but we will just have to wait and see. It’s very expensive to travel just before Christmas and not that much better just after.

Regardless, at least one of my relatives is ready to go…


According to Lab Corp, the DNA results were FEDEX’d to Vietnam today. I have no idea how long it will take to get I-600 approval, but I can’t imagine that it will be long now.

Freaking out a little….

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