My Girls

dscf15801We went to dinner last night at the house of our dear friends, “Mitch” and “Polly.” Our other dear friend, “Faith” was there also. (That’s me on the right.)

There too were all the delicious children who I truly cannot get enough of. Kids have always held a special place in my heart. But these kids? These kids are the ones who give kids a good name. Well-behaved. Polite. Friendly. Funny. Smart. Good with my little one. Amazing. It’s not all that surprising though, when I think how great their parents are. It just makes sense. 

Anyway, these two girls in the picture are like sisters to me. We’ve known each other for quite some time now…about ten years actually. And, in a word, they are the best. They have followed along on our adoption journey, this one and the last, and are so joyous when good things happen and a child finally (finally!) arrives. My own sister doesn’t even know that we’re adopting again. Nor does she seem to care. That’s bothered me for a while now. But God stepped in and gave me a gift of these wonderful friendships, and He said, you know what? You don’t have to be blood relations to be sisters.

Little Boy G calls the daughters of these two women, “my girls.” He insists on bathing just before we see them so he can smell good for them.  I confess to stealing his line and I now call these two ladies, “My Girls.” Dinner was great, the conversation was, too, and I’ll remember all the laughs we had for a long time to come. Next stop? Christmas Party 2008, our place. Stay tuned 🙂


LegoLand–Who Knew?

Last year, my husband and Little Boy G and I visited the grand parents in California. We took a trip to LegoLand, which I read was a great place to take the kids. And my review? FANTASTIC. Go! Now!

I loved the park for many reasons, and not just because Volvos had parking all to themselves close to they entry. The entire layout of the park is amazing. You’ll see things that will make your jaw drop. The picture above is just one of many miniature Lego constructions in the Minland USA section. From their website: “Miniland USA presents famous landmarks built entirely from standard LEGO elements. Guests experience the wonders of  Washington D.C., New Orleans, New York City, FloridaSan Francisco and the Southern California coastline – in miniature – right down to the smallest detail. Also, don’t miss Las Vegas which features a variety of whimsical and animated models that replicate scenes found in the actual city. For a nominal fee, you can even navigate your own mini boat in the LEGOLAND Marina.”

Little Boy G LOVED it, but so did we. He even got to drive a little mini Volvo around a track with other kids (3-5 in age) at the Volvo Mini Driving school for little ones. A similar attraction, the Volvo Driving School is for older kids (6-13), and also looks like a lot of fun.

An abundance of Lego-themed rides kept our little one quite entertained.  The Flight Squadron was particularly fun, as was Fairy Tale Brook, where you get to ride on a boat through a little fairy land. Both rides require an adult.

If you ever find yourself in Southern California, you should consider visiting LegoLand. You won’t regret it.

Everything’s Connected…

Don’t you just love NetFlix? Honestly, taking a month to watch a movie has never been easier. They send the movie to you, you watch at your leisure, and then you send it back. What a great idea. My husband has his account and I have mine. Mine includes movies for Little Boy G. The other day, I ordered one for myself, it was about string theory. G and I had a few minutes so, we decided to pop some popcorn and watch a flick. Here’s how the event began (notice the psychological tactics I used):

“Hey, G, you wanna watch a movie?”


“Okay, do you want to watch a movie about Shrek? Or a movie about string theory?”

“String theory,” he said without hesitation.

(My son is not a brainiac. More precisely, he’s a scaredy cat. He is afraid of most Big Screen cartoons and prefers the more gentle messages of Diego and Thomas Tank Engine. He does not like bad guys, ogres included.)

So we’re watching the movie and G is kind of perplexed. “What are they talking about?” he finally said. “Is that the Erf?”

“Yeah, that’s the earth, G. They’re talking about space and the theory of relativity. About how all things are connected. It’s related to quantum science. (Hey, I can barely explain string theory to myself, much less a 4 year old.)

“Who’s that guy?” he said, pointing to the screen.

“That’s Albert Einstein,” I said. “He didn’t believe in quantum science. He’s really smart, though.”

“Like Little Einsteins?” he said.

I nod. “Yeah, exactly like Little Einsteins. In fact, that’s how they got their name.”

“Oh. I have to go potty.” (Note: this is a very good way to get out of a boring conversation.) So he runs upstairs and his dad helps him go potty (the more complicated step.)

While on the potty, G is reading a book about Batman. Dad says, “Hey, G. Have you ever heard that funny song about Batman?”

“No,” G said, and continued reading his book.

Dad sings the song, “Jingle Bells Batman smells, Robin laid an egg….”

No response. “Isn’t that funny?” Dad said.

Without looking up, G said seriously, “It’s not funny to me.”

An uncomfortably quiet moment passes. “I’m done,” he said. And then he returned downstairs to learn more about string theory.

Feel free to come to your own conclusions….So what movies are you watching now?