All Better

So both boys had what appears to be the flu. High fevers. Coughing. Extreme fatigue. Stomach upset. Thankfully I brought enough medication to heal an army. We survived the worst of it, but had to postpone our trip to Halong Bay. We’ll be going tomorrow instead. The overnight stay on a boat promises some amusing times.

I went out on my own yesterday and did some shopping. Someone even offered to shine my shoes. They’re suede. Hubby has had the same offer about 50 times. Kind of funny. Everyone thinks his shoes are dirty. Hubby says they’re sposed to look that way.

I bought some gifts for people back home as well as for myself 🙂 Everything is really very cheap here, so even if you give them what they’re asking the first time around and pass on the bartering, you still get a bargain in my opinion.

Thank you all for the pep talk about those two boys getting along. It really helped and I know that, eventually, things will get better. Today, they’re okay. Actually sharing paper to draw on. Bao is quite an artist and loves to draw and color. G not so much, but he likes to watch Bao do his thing.

We’re trying to pick a good restaurant to go to tonight, since we have only two nights left in Hanoi (one in Ha Long Bay).  Maybe the Mandarin. We’ll see. Josh ( the family that brought Bao his jacket) said it was beautiful.  I need beautiful right now. Hanoi is starting to wear on my nerves. Every Vietnamese person alive is here for Tet. And they are constantly driving somewhere. And honking. It never ceases. The movement never ceases. I need some space and a little less pollution. Ha Long Bay sounds good to me right now.

We saw Ho Chi Minh today. Interesting place. Ran into some Americans or Canadians, don’t know for sure, and we were going into the wrong building to see him. They were talking about the cost to get in and I said something like, well, how often do you get to see Ho Chi Minh? And they said, oh, he’s not here. He’s down the road in another building. So we gave them our tickets at a discounted price, 50 cents vice 70, and headed down the road to see HCM. He looks pretty good after all this time and it’s a very nice mausoleum, if you like that kind of thing.

We had lunch by the lake (Hoan Kiem), which was nice. And we saw a giant turtle swim by. A group of large, good looking men sat down next to us. About twenty of them. We’re still trying to figure out what their story was. They looked like Mossad to me.

So I’ll try to post some more pictures. It’s best when I do them one at a time. Miss everyone. Ready to come home! Not work, but home! Sorry Liz and Amber and Kathleen  and Russell!



1 Comment

  1. Amber said,

    January 18, 2009 at 5:08 am

    Glad to hear that you weathered the storm with the boys! Enjoy your trip to Ha Long Bay.

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