3 AM

Good morning everyone…Last night at about 6 PM Bao came down with a fever. We gave him Tylenol and a lukewarm bath and he dropped down to a more acceptable temp. Half hour later, G gets a temp and we do the same thing.

G just came into our bedroom at 2 AM on fire. We went through the same process and checked Bao too, same thing. So we got his temp down and now they’re both sleeping peacefully.

Oi vey. We have the embassy interview at 10 AM. Nothing else seems to be going on with the boys–no nausia or bowel troubles. I’m not sure what’s wrong  with them, but I think it’s a little that what ever it is, it hit them at the same time. Of course, we were at the SOS clinic this morning getting our required check up for Bao. Maybe they cought something there.

Hopefully this is as bad as it gets. We might have to postpone our meeting today and cancel the Halong Bay tour if things don’t improve markedly.

I’ll try to add some more pics now. Internet has been unreliable of late…



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