G&R and R&R

In the last post, I talked about that first visit to the orphanage. I posted that just after the visit and right before the giving and receiving (G&R) ceremony, where Bao officialy became a part of our family.

We couldn’t have been at the orphanage for more than 20-30 minutes, so it all feels like a blur, to be honest. I truly wish we could have stayed longer to visit with the little ones left behind. Most of them are disabled in one way or another and just the sweetest little tots you’ve ever seen. They sang and recited poems for us and we loved every minute.

The G&R ceremony was also very quick, thank goodness. I don’t think Little Boy G is handling jet lag or becoming a new brother well at all. He was the devil incarnate. He was jumping around during the ceremony and saying “no” to everything we asked. SO UNLIKE HIM. I honestly wanted to take him outside and skin him alive. I didn’t. Don’t worry. But I so imagined myself doing it and it calmed me  enough to get through the ceremony. Really. He was so bad.

After the G&R we went back to the hotel, and both boys crashed. Bao was a delight waking up. G not so much. I think he was still on Maryland time because he just couldn’t wake up. A nice guide named Huang drove us to this restaurant where we were fed several courses of local Hue food. I can’t remember much since I had the lowest blood sugar I’ve had in a long time (29) and it took me a b it to recover from that. G had woken up and was throwing a fit, hubby didn’t want to bring him in like that, I was too low to know better, so I grabbed him out of hubby’s arms (he stops crying immediately, you see, if I hold him), and we walk up some pretty steep stairs to the restaurant. At that time I was about 33 in the sugar department. For those who don’t know, 33 is DANGEROUSLY low. By the time I got seated, it was 29. You get the picture.

So, I passed on the after dinner Perfume River cruise and took G back to the hotel where I flogged him (kidding). Hubby and Bao went on and enjoyed the cruise without us. Ugh. What a night.

We hoped G would improve in temperment the next day, when we were to get a tour of Hue’s Citadel and the Thein Mu Pagoda before our return flight to Hanoi. The Citadel is huge and G was as bad as he was the day before. Bao was good, but not sure as to why he couldn’t touch everything in the Citadel. We were kept busy making sure they didn’t destroy the precious artifactsof Hue. Not easy.

The Pagoda. Very nice place! Very serene. Happy. Zen like. So we’re walking around looking at the sites, and G looks like he is in desperaate need of a nap. He gets really animated when he’s tired and cries easily. So, we’re at the most sacred of the sites–where we have to take our shoes off and all–and G starts crying because of something Hubby said. Don’t remember what, but it was probably, “G! Don’t touch that ancient vase!” In fear that we were about to cause a international incident, I take G from hubby and walk away from the sacred area toward the wall. I said, “G. You are the only one here crying. This is a place of happiness. You are insulting the monks, honey!

I soon sense a large gathering of people approaching. Hubby comes over and says under his breath. “Uh, oh. The chief monk is coming.”

I breathe deep and look around. Hubby was right. The monk was walking toward us, smiling and looking questioningly at G. Dear Budda, I thought. Please save me.

The monk starts taking to G and asking him, likely, why in the heck he was crying in such a serene location. G was dumbfounded. I was mortified. Lots of laughs and back patting. Then it was finally over. Hubby told me later that there appeared to be some professional video crew with the monk, and that they videotaped the entire drama. Good Grief.

I have a feeling that raising two boys is going to be fun with a capital F, if you know what I mean.

The flight back to Hanoi was blissfull. Both boys were strapped in a chair for one hour. Bao loved his first airplane ride and laughed much of the way. He and G are really getting along well and despite G’s (hopefully) temporary behahavoir, I think things will only get better.

That’s enough for now. There’s a glass of wine with my name on it. Love everyb ody! The next trip is to Halong Bay. That ought to be remarkable.



  1. Andrea said,

    January 13, 2009 at 11:58 am

    Poor Jeannie. G’s reaction is that of an tired, only child becoming a brother after having undivided attention. We’ve all been there, usually a few years after, however the boys are older. Don’t do any unnecessary flogging. Stay on top of your sugar levels as that can make rational decisions seems hasty. We love you. Enjoy the next few days in Halong Bay. Serenity, peace, serenity, peace, Mom of 2 boys, wife, happiness, peace, serenity…….

  2. Moose said,

    January 13, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    1. Jeanne, take care of yourself -Glenn always says, “If Momma ain’t happy nobody’s happy”. It’s true, you know.

    2. What a big day you had yesterday. Isn’t it amazing how children can take a situation you expect to be blissful and turn it into something that’s…not? And, when you are just living your average, “nothing exciting planned that day” kind of day, they will do or say something that will make you so happy you’ll remember it for years?

    3. I guess when G was adopted he was too little to know what was going on. So he’s going through the biggest change he’s ever experienced. I wanted to know how Bao was going to handle everything – G is a known entity (well, other than when you travel 20 hours away from home & put him in another time zone – ha ha, that’s supposed to be funny). Sounds like (even though you had a horrible day) everything will be great. I am so excited for all of you! Everything will be wonderful after it all settles “in” and “down”.

    4. I am checking your post every couple of hours – I can’t wait to read what’s next! (love Scratchy’s pictures, too!)

    Love, Moosie

  3. Amber said,

    January 13, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    Oh sweetie, I’m sorry things got a little rough with G. It’s VERY normal. He’s not used to sharing you. He will get used to it over time. Things will also be a LOT easier once you guys are back at home and back to a normal routine! Glad to hear that Bao is doing so well! Miss you a bunch!
    P.S. We may need to schedule a “Monkey Boy” soon after your return! LOL!!!

  4. Christina said,

    January 13, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    Oh my gosh, talk about every parents worst nightmare. Poor G, so jetlagged and out of sorts, it’s not a good feeling. I love how you guys are getting to see so many cool sights though. We were only in the big cities and didn’t get brave enough to try Halong Bay or anything. Next time (when it’s just for travel and not for adoption!!)
    Take care and remember, it just gets easier from here!

  5. Andrea said,

    January 13, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    I’ll have to keep my eye out for the Pagoda documentary on PBS.

  6. Elaine said,

    January 14, 2009 at 12:44 am

    Ha ha! Andrea stole my comment! Hopefully G will settle down a bit soon.

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