Almost there…

Wow, it’s been so long since I posted. Sorry. Busy busy busy!

The Party. Our yearly Christmas party was fantastic and I am so glad that we were able to see everyone before we got the big news on the 23rd. We’ve been having the same wonderful people, and every year some new folks too, come over for six years in a row now. We are so blessed to have these folks as friends. 

More tears fell at this party then at any other, however. From Meg falling up our very unforgiving slate stairs, to Alex having a corner of a chair run into her eyes, to Meg courting (and marrying) disaster by balancing a cup of Sprite on her head while running up the stairs.  And then, to Meg’s mom mistakenly asking the proverbial question: If you spill a Cosmopolitan on a white shirt, will it ever come out? Let’s just say the night was both blessed and eventful and filled with stories that will be retold for years to come. Sorry Meg, Alex, and Andrea. 🙂

But the best thing that happened at the party is that our friend Marvin showed up this year. When he didn’t show up last year we didn’t know why until later. He had had a massive seizure and drove his car into a 40 foot ravine. Miraculously, he survived. But he found out later that he had a very rare brain tumor. An oligodendroglioma. See his website on my blogroll, The Power of Survivorship. He’s an amazing man, a wonderful father, and a lifelong friend to many. May God continue to bless us with his presence. 

Adoption. So, anyway, in adoption news, our visas are on the way. My bags are pretty much packed. I think I’ve done everything I need to do before we get on the plane ride of our lives. I’m trying to imagine how long 15 hours on a plane is.  At least I’ll get to see some movies though. I haven’t seen a movie in a really long time. It’ll be nice. The time will fly. I’m sure.

New Years Eve. Tomorrow we go to our friends house for our yearly New Years Eve celebration. We rarely stay up until midnight ever since we had kids (okay, I never did, even before kids), but it’s still fun amazing. Here’s to 2008–a pretty good year. And here’s to 2009. May it only get better. For all of us.

Happy New Year!


1 Comment

  1. kweenmama said,

    January 5, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    The stories you will be able to tell about your party will bring laughs for years to come!

    Good luck with the plane ride of your lives!

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