Adoption Update

I know, I know~ Am I ever going to add another recipe to this food blog? The answer is yes. For now, though, bear with me while I update the four people who care about our adoption.

Evidently, USCIS was happy with our updated home study and accepted the 0-8 year old age range. Yippee!~AND, we just received our I-797C in the mail today.

Right now someone is over in Hanoi scheduling our new son and his birth mum to get DNA tested. When this will actually happen, I don’t know. And how Bao and his mum will get to Hanoi is another mystery. Will they drive? Or fly? It’s quite a ways from what I can tell–an 8 hour drive maybe. I hope they fly. Maybe we will know more later. Maybe not, but I hope so.

From what I’ve read on other blogs, once the DNA is taken, it is sent to the US where it is tested. That can take 5-10 days. Then they send the results to Hanoi, which will take another few days. And then, my friends, USCIS will send us their blessings. And then we travel.

Holy cow. The way it’s looking we could be traveling in January. HARD to believe. Very hard. I keep imagining how that first encounter will be.

Also, we finally got Rosetta Stone and I must say that I’m addicted. I can’t stop myself! I go to the computer and take the lessons constantly. It’s just so much fun. I love it. I hope I’m learning something in the process. I can count to ten, so that’s something.

We also were sent two new pictures of Bao. He is smiling in both. Kind of like I’m smiling now.

Gosh, I wish I were younger so I could adopt again (not to worry, hubby, if you’re reading this. not gonna happen.)

I’m ordering pizza to celebrate. Thanks for bearing with me!!



  1. Elaine said,

    November 14, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    Hopefully the DNA stuff will go quickly for you. I’ve neve tried Rosetta Stone, but have always meant to look at it for the kids. We can actually use it free online via our state library system.

    Free? Wow. Very lucky you. Although I can’t complain. My husband’s company paid for it for us.

  2. Christina said,

    November 15, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    This so exciting!! Hope the DNA part goes quickly and isn’t a big hassle for Bao or his birthmom. January is a great time to travel to SE Asia – much nicer there than here in the states! 🙂

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