Dreams of my Sons

baoI had my first dream about Bao last night (the little 6 year old guy we’re adopting from Vietnam). Bao has been described to us as shy and very endearing. I like that. He sounds a lot like his soon-to-be little brother, G.

So in this dream, we get on the plane to Vietnam (very short notice, too), and arrive there in about 30 minutes, which was great. We’re introduced to Bao by a nice Vietnamese man.

He says, “Here is your new son, Bao. Now you do know that he’s a fighter, don’t you?”


I flinch and turn to the man. No, I didn’t know. “Come again?”

The man smiles and nods to Bao. “He likes to fight.”

My eyes get big. “He likes to fight? But we were told that he’s shy. And endearing.” I start to worry. A fighter? What’s that all about?

The man laughs and laughs. “Yes, yes. He’s all those things, for sure.” And then says gravely, “But if you cross him, he is quite the fighter.”

My eyes dart between my new son, the fighter, my sweet little non-fighter, G, and the nice Vietnamese man. “Wha …what kind of fighter??”

“Oh, well. Don’t touch his toys. And don’t touch his food. And you’ll be all right.”

Wow. Then the dream segued into a very nice family dinner at a restaurant in Vietnam with our two new brothers. They’re laughing and playing, and they finally fall asleep together in the booth where we are eating. Blissfully happy.

It was nice seeing him in my dreams. And even if he is a fighter, it won’t matter one bit.  We’ll love him just the same.


1 Comment

  1. SueCQ said,

    November 6, 2008 at 9:49 pm

    I’m here!! The dream sounds wonderful!!!

    It was!! Thanks, SueCQ 🙂

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