Standing up to Cancer: 100 Million Strong

NEW YORK — Spurred by an historic telethon Friday night, viewers stood up to cancer and pushed total donations for research to battle the disease past the $100 million mark.

That dollar figure reflects contributions from viewers of the telethon, “Stand Up to Cancer,” as well as money raised since late May, when the Stand Up to Cancer initiative was launched, according to Lisa Paulsen, head of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, the charitable organization behind Stand Up to Cancer.

“One hundred percent of the more than $100 million raised will go directly to funding the research programs necessary to battle this insidious disease,” said Paulsen in a statement Sunday that accompanied the announcement.

Research advocates and some 100 stars from music, sports, TV and film came together for Friday’s live telethon, simulcast on ABC, CBS and NBC as well as cable’s E! Entertainment channel, which provided the program to more than 170 nations and territories worldwide. Viewership figures for the program weren’t immediately available.

Reminding the audience that cancer kills 550,000 Americans and six million people worldwide each year, the special was aimed at educating the public on cancer prevention and treatment, as well as raising funds to help fund research _ in particular, “translational research,” which encourages scientists to collaborate rather than compete, translating basic science into applicable therapies for patients with varying cancer afflictions.

This is simply amazing and honestly, something that could only happen in America. Democrats, Republicans, and the undecideds coming together to find a cure for cancer. I am, as always, so very proud to be an American.


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  1. kweenmama said,

    September 9, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    I heard that dollar amount on the news as I listened to my car radio and I thought of your blog and figured that you would be thrilled with the amount.

    Unfortunately we were so busy that night we completely spaced off watching it. I know, shame on us!

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