7 Random Things…

I’ve been reading the Dortches Vietnam adoption blog for a while now, and she tagged everyone who was reading the blog, so here goes. We’re supposed to list seven random things about ourselves and then link to the blog where we got the tag. Here is the blog:



And here are my random 7 things…

1.  I’m afraid of just about everything (Yes, just like the chic in Diary of a Mad Housewife). Bugs, roller coasters, tornadoes (but not hurricanes), heights, enclosed spaces, flying, dying, fire. It’s really bad as my husband can attest. It has more to do with being afraid of things I can’t control. I’m not afraid of dogs, horses (I actually jumped over large fences with them once upon a time), driving fast as long as I’m at the wheel, etc. Freaky. But it works out because I make a lot of money being afraid (can’t tell you why).

2. I’d love to be a great writer or a great singer. I have plenty of dedication, I just lack the talent part. Must work on that.

3. I have a fascination with clocks. My grandfather in Germany was a watchmaker. I loved that about him when I was young. He had a shop in the basement and worked on clocks and watches down there, even after he retired. The two novels that I’ve written have a timepiece and a clock in them and play a major role in the stories, although I didn’t plan it that way.

4. I was once addicted to Tomb Raider. I’d lose sleep, be late for work, etc., just to get to the next level. I had to stop buying the games in order to gain my life back. And then, my husband bought me The SIMS. Ugh. Same thing, not as bad. Stole my life. Video games are bad. bad. bad. (I don’t do it anymore).

5. I was once addicted to peanut butter. After being diagnosed with diabetes in 1984 and put on medication, I had this uncontrollable urge to eat jar after jar of peanut butter. GROSS. I couldn’t stop myself. I was so thin at the time, and had lost so much weight from being undiagnosed with the condition for one year, that my body craved fat. It was so hard to NOT buy a jar of the stuff when I went grocery shopping. You couldn’t pay me to do that now.

6. I love eating strange things, but  not too strange. I’ve had frog legs and rocky mountain oysters (um, bull’s testicles), escargot (although I can’t eat them now since I had a slug problem in my house in the city once). Things that I won’t eat: Balut (half-hatched eggs) and Durian (a Vietnamese fruit that smells REALLY REALLY bad.)

7. I sometimes display psychic abilities. I used to dream about things that would happen later on. Scary things, mostly, like death of a loved one, or airplane crashes. These were very detailed dreams (specific colors of cars, names of aircraft, types of vehicles driven, etc.) I appear to be very good at predicting when someone’s house will sell and in predicting the outcome of football games, as long as the Cowboys aren’t playing (I always want them to win and can’t distinguish between what I see and what I want). Don’t ask. I know, it’s strange. But true.

And those are the random things about me that I’m willing to share 🙂

Please comment, visit the Dortches site, and do your own seven random things!~




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